Personal Development and Self-Improvement Tips

Personal Development and Self-Improvement Tips

April 18, 2020 0 By Anthony Ekanem

Personal development relates to activities that improve a person’s awareness and identity, develop their talents and potentials, build and facilitate their employability, enhance their quality of life as well as contribute to the realisation of their goals and aspirations. Personal development does not stop as it takes place throughout a person’s lifetime.

Self-improvement (or self-help) is a self-guided improvement – economically, intellectually, or emotionally – often with a substantial psychological basis. When engaged in self-improvement, people often utilise publicly available information or support groups, on the internet as well as in person, where people in similar situations join together

The Differences

Personal development is all about developing or enhancing pre-existing personality traits connected with advancing professionally and socially. Personal development requires the willingness, the urge to learn and to change. Enhancing your characteristics or developing new ones is not easy or risk-free because you can end up learning something that does little to enhance your personality or even aggravate the situation. Personal development always takes you through new and uncharted territory but the rewards, if done correctly, are worth the effort. The risk of learning something new can be mitigated by spending more time learning it and becoming familiar and comfortable with the subject.

Self-Improvement, on the other hand, involves finding personal weaknesses and improving them, usually through the use of self-help books and other resources. Pick up any Self-help book and you will notice it offers a step-by-step approach to improving a specific area of life. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two concepts is the differences in approach.

While self-improvement is a single act like picking up a book and learning the techniques of improving the target area on your own and at your own pace, Personal Developing usually involves some external help. This may come in the form of a video or books or a live interactive session with a personality developer. Sometimes, however, the line between personal development and self-improvement can be very tin. This happens when a bit of both are involved.

Are you developing and improving yourself?

Are you growing constantly, in Personal Development and Self-Improvement? Do you welcome each day with joy and excitement? Are you happy to be who you are at this moment? If answered YES to the above questions, then you may not need to read further. If, however, you wake each morning feeling anything but joy and excitement; if you wake up each day with a moan or anxiety; if you are unhappy with your life and the progress you have made so far, then be hopeful. There is a way to become better and be the winner you were born to be.

You Were Born a Winner

Perhaps, as an adult, you have tried several times to have a better life only to meet one roadblock after another. This is a common occurrence for those who want to create a better life for themselves. Sometimes, going for what you want can stir up undesirable emotions and beliefs, leaving you feeling like a failure or loser. However, do you realise that you were born a winner? You have been achieving the seemingly impossible since the day you were born. You learned to walk although you fell many times. You learned to speak a language so well that you don’t need to think about what you are saying; all you need to do is hold an image in your mind and you can instantly vocalise it! You can say things to yourself in your mind and immediately express those thoughts on paper in the form of words and sentences that were once strange symbols to you. Without any conscious effort, you can read a book and understand it.

Believe in Yourself

The Personal Development industry and Self-Improvement field have developed numerous methods for removing self-imposed limiting beliefs to reveal the real limitlessness and joy within you. To achieve success and uncover your true inner joy, it is very important to monitor your self-talk, the inner dialogue that is constant throughout your day. By doing this, you can identify your self-defeating views about yourself and your world. Be aware of how you use your internal voice. Look at the way you talk about yourself, others and the world in general. If something goes wrong, do you blame others, yourself, the world or even God? Do you expect to succeed or fail? Consider your opinions and identify what your self-talk is telling you about your self-imposed limitations. Once you have identified these false limitations, you can then seek the appropriate method, technique or tool to eliminate them.

Watch how you speak to yourself internally. This is the fastest way to understanding how you view yourself and your world. Look for the negative beliefs you hold. Once you identify them, get some Personal Development tools and start to change those beliefs. Your life will change in ways you can only imagine and you will become the winner you were born to be!

Boost and Maintain Your Self-Esteem

One of the major components in a Personal Development plan is creating a higher sense of self-esteem. Your self-image is very important and determines whether you are successful in life or not. Many things you encounter, including people and the environment, can affect your self-esteem and self-image. There are spiritually deficit people who will deliberately damage your self-esteem and those you do unknowingly. Circumstances can sometimes push hard against you and make you doubt yourself and others. Situations can cause you stress and disillusionment. Never allow these destructive influences to affect you.

Here are some tips that will act as a quick guide starter to your self-improvement.

Don’t let the behaviour of others affect you.

Never get caught up in the game of believing that the negative comments of others are true. If someone tries to berate or belittle you, take it for what it is – a lack of self-esteem on their part. Such people feel so low within themselves that they have to elevate themselves at the expense of other people. Do not do this yourself. It is very damaging to your self-esteem. Build your faith in your abilities and let others take care of their own. Stay away from toxic people who have such a bad self-image, low self-esteem and lack of belief in themselves that they must build up their ego at the expense of other people.

Beware of a negative work or environment.

Do not get caught up in the competitive mindset. You are a creator. You were put on this planet to be productive, to add value to your life and the lives of other people. You don’t need to be competitive, you only need to be creative and this will bring its rewards. By keeping a creative mindset, you can share in the joy of others’ success without feeling it is depriving you in any way. This new mindset will launch you further than the competitive mindset ever could.

Be open and willing to change.

Embrace the new. As you progress in your personal development, you will find that your old paradigms will begin to shift and make way for new ones. This is natural and desirable. Remain flexible and adapt yourself to your changing world. Many people fight against change and this internal resistance causes inner strife and hardships. This is an ever-changing world and we must be willing to change with it.

Look at life in a new way.

Do not judge the present or make predictions based on your past experiences. Use the past as a learning experience. See how you did things wrong and adjust your behaviour, actions, outlook or mental attitude accordingly. Release all the old emotional baggage and embrace the present. Enjoy the journey and all the changes that are taking place in your life.

Watch where you direct your focus.

Your focus determines the reality you experience. Is your cup half empty or half full? Look for the good or at least the opportunity in every situation. Everything happens for a reason. Take stock of your mental attitudes. How do you view YOUR world? Many people are fearful of the times we currently live in. They worry about the environment, economies, unemployment, war, etc. Images on TV and in the news only lend further weight to these worries by showing the very things we should not be focusing on! The world is full to overflowing with abundance, riches, love and joy. You just have to start noticing it.

Restructure your thought and feeling.

Your feelings regulate your thoughts, your thoughts determine your actions and your actions structure your life. What type of life have you built for yourself? Are you content and happy? Your beliefs affect how you live your life. Some of your beliefs may be positive and nurturing. But many are not. Find a way to change your negative beliefs. Your beliefs are a collection of thoughts brought together to form a view and you can ALWAYS change your point of view!

Enjoy the journey.

Life was meant to be rich and abundant. Celebrate each small positive change you make and enjoy the point in your life where you are right now. Do not postpone your happiness until some future event or when you have developed some desirable characteristics. You will always be changing and evolving; it is a universal law. So enjoy where you are, celebrate the progress you are making, be prepared to embrace the new and let tomorrow take care of itself.